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aLOSTaSOULS # 13: Damo Suzuki & Comasport / Drekka…

Damo Suzuki (JP) & Comasport (BE/UK)
Japanese-born Kenji ‘Damo’ Suzuki, born in 1950, rose to fame as the lead singer of legendary Krautrock group Can. The story goes that Can’s Holger Czuckay and Jaki Liebezeit found Suzuki as a street singer in front of a café in Munich in 1970. Both rock stars – because that’s what they were back then – were so impressed by the Japanese that they asked him for their group, and Damo took to the stage with Can that very night.
He can be heard on classic Can albums like Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi and Future Days. In the 1980s, he formed the Damo Suzuki Band with Can’s Jaki Liebezeit on drums. These days, he explores the boundaries of vocal improvisation. He does so by travelling the globe – somewhat in the style of Bob Dylan – in a kind of Never Ending Tour, improvising everywhere with local musicians. During aLOSTaSOULS, he engages in a musical encounter with Comasport (England meets Alosta) and more national violence (TB).

Drekka Drekka
Drekka Drekka is Michael Anderson, singer-songwriter in the contemporary tradition of Animal Collective and also inspirer behind the Blue Sanct label. His CD Extractioning was released earlier this year. Expect strange pop songs laced with plenty of psychedelic collages, acid folk, softnoise and cracking lo-fi experiments. For fans of Devendra Banhart, Microphones, Xiu Xiu, Flying Saucer Attack

14.11.2005 20:30