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Annual 2008 / Heleen Van Haegenborgh / Voodoo Trance Sound System

Finissage Fuzzy Electronics (& Magnetics)

2008 Annual Presentation
Annual 2008, as a reference for the Network program of 2008, this year the book will be constructed around the principle of an encyclopaedia. Textual contributions include, among others, Jean-Marc Huitorel, Lorenzo Benedetti, Aaron Schuster and David Keenan. As usual, a CD with live clips, soundscapes and unpublished compositions accompanies the publication.

Heleen Van Haegenborgh plays Mauricio Kagels Rrrrrr…
Pianist Heleen Van Hagenborgh (BE) specializes in conducting experimental contemporary music. She makes presentations on the basis of works by John Cage and has worked together with such artists including Esther Venrooy, Katrien Vermeire, Tape Tum, Kelly Schacht and Guy de Bièvre. For Network she delves into the encyclopaedic composition Rrrrrr… by composer Mauricio Kagel (AR / DE).

Voodoo Trance Sound System
Drummer Eric Thielemans (BE) joins forces with the Voodoo Trance Sound System with two special and versatile drummers Chris Corsano (US) (Bjork, Evan Parker, Paul Flaherty…) and Jeroen Stevens (BE) (I love Sara, Mauro…) for a game of thundering beats, spiritual drones and folksy breaks.

04.04.2009 20:30