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Another side of Radian

Radian is the Austrian trio Martin Branlmayr (drums), Stefan Németh (electronics) and John Norman (bass). With Another side of Radian: a Mosz label night, Network provides a sampling of that Viennese band’s side projects issued on Mosz. Mosz is the label of Stefan Németh (aka Radian) & Michaela Schwentner (aka Jade) from Austria. In terms of musical style, the label lies between analogue and digital and is a platform for various individual ideas and non-conformist forms. Related to the Megolabel. An evening of Alpentronica.

Gustav is the alter-ego for engaging singer-songwriter Eva Jantschisch, who delivers her socially critical lyrics in a bed of electronics and unusual instrumentation.

Kapital Band 1 is the duo Nicholas Bussmann (Beige Oscillator) and Martin Branlmayr (Radian). The abstraction of “pop” or “funk” is what interests them. Stripped-down pop of which only the basic idea remains. A unique pop bastard.

Lokai is the project of Stefan Németh (a.k.a. Radian) and Florian Kmet (a.k.a. Superlooper). The basic idea is to combine and expand the soundboard of an electric guitar with electronics in a structural and tonal way. The whole thing alternates between highly layered songs and fragile melodies.

18.02.2006 20:30