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Anthea Caddy / Helena Gough / Robin Hayward / Tim Hecker

Anthea Caddy is an Australian cellist who investigates the relationship between space and sound. She improvises live in absolute darkness, and makes space tangible through sound.

The British composer Helena Gough focuses also in the relationship between space and sound, but in a rather reductionist way: she scrapes minimal sounds together, also in complete darkness, coaxing them into electronic soundscapes.

Tuba player Robin Hayward presents Saxhorn Nouveau Nouveau Basse, a tribute to the Nouveau Saxhorn basse, a forgotten instrument developed by Adolphe Sax in 1851, but which was never successful. Hayward commisoned a company to create a microtonal tuba. In this piece the tuba interacts with an installation that consists of seven speakers.

The Canadian Tim Hecker went to Iceland last year, together with Ben Frost to record the organ in the country’s only cathedral. On his latest album Ravedeath 1972 – a subtle hint of techno and rave music – he builds those recordings into wonderful sound sculptures: the sonic equivalent of wandering on a glacier.

30.04.2011 20:30