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Azure Mortal / Alessandro Bosetti & Chris Abrahams

Since 2011, Dirk Swartenbroekx (Buscemi) has worked on the adventurous new project, Azure Mortal, through which he creates electronic music and avant-garde compositions for low-frequency installations, films and choreographies. Swartenbroekx himself describes this work as dark ambient, inspired by the music of Nurse With Wound, Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Ornette Coleman and Steve Reich.

In the meantime, Azure Mortal has evolved into an extensive project that includes a live band, with, among others, Rodrigo Fuentealba (guitar), Elias Devoldere (drums) and Ernst Löw (spoken word).

Visuals: The End of Society – Frame 3
Duration: 61 minutes
Execution: Rudi Eurlings


“Sober hypnotic melodies accompanied by rustling electronics and crooning fragile voice over simple, minimal piano sounds.” That best sums up the second album A Heart That Responds to Schooling by Alessandro Bosetti and Chris Abrahams. But what is especially striking is the intimacy of the recording, as if Bosetti and Abraham are right next to you: an enchanting atmosphere that when played live in Netwerk will come entirely into its own.

Chris Abrahams is a pianist best known from the Australian group The Necks, with Tony Buck and Lloyd Swanton, who, in 2013, played a sold-out concert in Netwerk. Since the 80’s Abrahams has released 5 solo albums and regularly appeared in the improv scene, both in Australia and in Europe.

Alessandro Bosetti is an Italian composer, performer and sound artist based in Marseille. His work focuses on the musicality of language and the sonorous aspect of verbal communication. He uses misunderstandings, translations and interviews as the basis for his abstract compositions. He has previously played in Netwerk; solo in 2006 and with his project Trophies in 2009.