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Berlin Night

From Berlin-am-Spree to Berlin-am-Dender: following the presentation of Annual 06, the musicians of labels ~scape, Kitty-Yo and Monika Enterprise spin out an evening of electronica of Berlin origin. On the occasion of the exhibition BAROQ at the GRIDIRON HOTEL, a concert series was put together with the fine fleur of the internationally oriented music scene from the German metropolis.

During Documenta X, the duo Lillevan and Marc Weiser founded Rechenzentrum (Kitty-Yo). During concerts, both men seek a balance between aural and visual media. Their music is often close to minimal techno, with accents that refer to dub, avant-garde, ambient and digital hip-hop. At the concert in Netwerk, they will give a taste of their new album.

Pole meets Mapstation (~scape) is a recent live project by Stefan Betke and Stefan Schneider. Originally a one-off collaboration following a benefit concert, Pole meets Mapstation will soon get an unexpected follow-up on record, with the release of a 7″ single. Betke (aka Pole) is known for his minimal dub music. His most recent album Steingarten takes on a sound all its own through the use of deep bass and a powerful, smooth production style. Schneider (aka Mapstation) is best known for To-Rococo-Rot. His most recent solo record Distance told me things to be said is typical ~scape: a recognisable, warm sound of dub with an exotic, jazzy touch.

Gudrun Gut is one of the most renowned figures from the Berlin underground. She played with Einstürzende Neubauten, Matador and Malaria! Today, she is the inspirer of the excellent label Monika Enterprise (which distributes groups like Barbara Morgenstern, Milenasong, Laurenz Pike). Her latest record I put a record on highlights her evocative, lived-in voice with minimal techno and instrumental experimentation.

Milenasong (Monika Enterprise), Sabrina Milena’s project, brings music that evokes abstract images. It is as if the Norwegian singer-songwriter uses paint and brush to create a patchwork of sounds. Her intimate, subdued songs are built into painterly compositions with ambient collages and underwater voices.

16.05.2007 20:00