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CHIPKA event

Justin Bennett / Mark Bain / William Fowler Collins & Claudia X. Valdes

The CHIPKA exhibition forms an initiation an event that takes place mainly on location, overlooking to the island anno 2010.

The first part of the event is with guided tours trough the city of Aalst is a map-making activity on a small scale, in response to the infrastructural limbo caused today by major construction and renovation works within the central parts of Aalst. It is about changes from the nineteenth century to today, and about the remarkable influence that industry still occupies within the city centre.

The dominant architecture of Amylumville, the current Syral Fabric, is for the second part of the event, the ideal backdrop for performances by sound artists such as Justin BennettMark Bain and William Fowler Collins & Claudia X. Valdes.

13.03.2010 18:30