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Circuit des Yeux / Ensemble Economique

Two intriguing dark bands, ideal vibes for the first day of autumn: Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn.

According to the elite of the American underground, Circuit des Yeux, alias Haley Fohr, holds a great deal of promise. The work of this young artist from Chicago touches both the personal and the universal. Her music embodies the complexity of human emotions, seeking balance between tenderness and care, ecstasy and horror, utilising the full range of the emotional spectrum. Fohr has a very distinctive voice, a subdued baritone from which most of the songs are forged. For her latest album, In Plain Speech, she works in the studio for the first time with some of the most progressive musicians from Chicago, some of who will accompany her to Netwerk.

Connecting the dots between PJ Harvey, the self-destructed dirges of The Stooges and mutated free-jazz vocalist Patty Water in a primal meditation.

Ensemble Economique is the one-man project of Starving Weirdos’ Brian Pyle. Although he comes from California, we find little sunny atmosphere in his music. Quite the contrary. With EE Pyle makes a mix of shoegaze, noise soft, dream-pop and experimentation, inserted into that delicious 4AD atmosphere of the past and occasionally fitted with dreamy vocals. Pyle has released more than 20 albums on labels such as Not Not Fun, Dekorder, Shelter Press and Denovali Records. On his latest album Melt Into Nothing he features for the first time a more melodious sound.