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Dean Blunt / RMillis

Dean Blunt is one of the most enigmatic figures in contemporary underground scene. There have been so many stories about him in circulation that it is no longer clear what is and is not true. He probably came from London-Hackney and probably lives in Lisbon. It could be that he is a member of The Nation of Islam, or that he was a professional boxer and he grew up with dub and grime…

Fact is that after his collaboration with Inga Copeland he – under his own name or as Hype Williams – now operates solo and together with The Redeemer, made one of the most impressive albums of 2013; a likewise romantic as sensual break-up album with Dean’s warm soulful voice in the foreground: a beautiful album that raises more questions than provides answers. In the meantime Stone Island was created, a Russian download-only, which appeared suddenly in the autumn. During his performances, he takes you into his bizarre dreams and awakens you with even more questions. Intriguing.

RMillis also likes a tinge of mystery surrounding his work – let the music speak for its little self. His latest solo album Relief contains ethnic field-recordings, psychedelic drones, Hollywood orchestral scores, hypnotic-synth-ambient and bygone sounds from old 78’s. Sounds torn from different time and space zones that merge perfectly into the world of RMillis. Proof that multi-kulti can work.

Robert Millis is the inspiration for Climax Golden Twins (often compared to fellow Seattle-based, Sun City Girls), documentary filmmaker, globetrotter and avid collector of 78’s. For Sublime Frequencies he offers some fierce anthologies along with rare Southeast Asian music.

20:00 RMillis
21:00 Dean Blunt

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Attention: This show needs the use of a stroboscope. People suffering from photosensitive epilepsy can suffer from it. Therefore, this performance is less suitable for them.