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Donato Wharton & Anita Leib

Donato Wharton lives and works in Stuttgart. Wharton performs music on the City Centre Offices label. He has previously created music for theatre, and most recently for film, for Armin Franzen’s short film Built to Dream, released in 2004. Donato Wharton is currently working on a new album and plans a convergence between aural and visual parts.

Anita Maria Leib is a video artist working in Cologne and Berlin. She is currently studying at KHM (Kunsthochschule für Medien), the Cologne School of Media Arts. Donato Wharton’s music is meant to trigger a spiritual and emotional interaction in the individual listener. It is pensive music, to dream away from, to think about. Therefore, it became a necessity to choose a presentation platform other than a club or concert hall. For the same reason, he does not perform live acts.

Donato’s installation is accompanied by video images by Anita Leib. The exhibition Sugar-free at the Network Gallery provides a useful frame for the reception of the music Donato makes in combination with the visual extension achieved by Anita Leib. For her work Trabanten, Anita Leib uses digitally composed images of typical German Alpine landscapes. A detached, unearthly eye wanders through almost fairy-like landscapes, unable to touch the surroundings, separated from everything by an inflexible panel of glass. Two people are seen travelling through this frozen Germany, in the impossibility of touching each other or becoming part of what surrounds them. As the film progresses, the landscapes seem to become more and more like visions from another planet.