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Dust off the Reverb

John Butcher / The Caretaker / Aernoudt Jacobs' Echolocator / Charlemagne Palestine

Network allows reverb to wander throughout the building in all its glory with, dusting off the reverb. As the event Form Follows F *** tion 2 examines how “reverb” plays a (metaphorical) role in the artistic practice of Yvan Derwéduwé, Slavs and Tatars and Filip Van Dingenen, this festival places musicians on the program that ignore the regular concert preparation and enter a confrontation with a post-industrial building full of concrete, glass and art.

John Butcher (UK)
The extraterrestrial sounds from the saxophone of John Butcher are worldwide renowned. Butcher joins up with Derek Bailey, Fred Frith and Gerry Hemingway, and is seen as a coryfee in the English improvisation scene. On his latest album Resonant Spaces he went in search of the (individual) sound of acoustically adventurous buildings.

John Butcher What Remains

The Caretaker (UK)
The Briton James Kirby (aka V / Vm) makes pre-war pop, but as it sounds in the corridors of a psychiatric clinic: Lynchian. His latest album, Persistent Repetition of Phrases plays with the data of memory and immerses you in a bath of timelessness, reverb and crackling. Unprecedented nostalgic beauty.

In The Wire nr. 304 The Caretaker was interviewed. See:

The Caretaker False Memory Syndrome

Aernoudt Jacobs’ Echolocator (BE)
The Echo Locator consists of a sound device, a laser tool and communicating tracking device. The device works on the principle of echolocation: with the transmission of short signals and the subsequent absorption of their echoes, the area becomes mappable – such as bats perceive space. Each unit sounds different and interacts with other Echolocators. A voyage of discovery to the acoustic and architectural characteristics of a given space.
Performers: Pauwel De Buck, Julia Eckhardt, David Helbich, Aernoudt Jacobs, Mieke Lambrights, Kristof Lemmens, Patrick Thinsy, Kylian Van Der Have, Jeroen Van De Sande, Louis Vanhaverbeke and Els Viaene

Aernoudt Jabobs Echolocator session

Charlemagne Palestine (US)
This American composer belongs together with, among others, La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Phill Niblock as the first generation of composers who stood at the cradle of American minimalism. His very intense concerts often resemble a shamanistic ritual. For this festival he performs acoustic vs electronic reverb and echo delay extravaganza.

Charlemagne Palestine Alloydshmalloyd

20.05.2009 20:30