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Elektro Guzzi / Frank Bretschneider

The Viennese Electro Guzzi – appearing for the first time in Belgium – is one of the most exciting dance acts of the year. 100% live techno, with no drum machines, synthesizers or laptops.

The Berlin musician, composer and video artist Frank Bretschneider, is also the co-founder of the German experimental electronic label Raster-Noton. He creates minimalist glitch-funk and sinusdub, which have been described as “ambience for space ports”.

The track riders become an integral part of the music during the concerts of Electro Guzzi and Frank Bretscheider As they ride upon the track; they appear into the visuals projected in the concert hall, while at the same time, the live music is played at the piste.

I.c.m. White Rabbit Berlin and Hair Entertainment



01.10.2010 20:30