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Embryo / R.O.T. / Sheldon Siegel

Since their debut Opal, in 1970, widely hailed as a psychedelic masterpiece, Embryo has travelled the world the last forty years with an uninterrupted mix of krautrock, psychedelia, and jazz, and particularly in recent years, world music. Music as lifestyle, the ears open to unpredictable encounters with exotic environments and idiosyncratic musicians like Mik Quantius and No-Neck Blues Band. Last year they were the justified closing act at Sloowjob last year, despite the absence of founding member Christian Burchard (who will return for the concert in Netwerk).


R.O.T. is a half acoustic band with Laurent Cartuyvels (Veglia label boss) and Floris Vanhoof. The collective sounds as a detuned radio flying continuous trough marges of the ether: shreds of etnic music, analogue electronica of another time, field recordings and loads of white, pink and yellow noise. Kraak released two years ago the vinyl record L’ecurie.

16.01.2010 20:30