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Exploring the room

Exploring the room is a performance where soundscapes and real-time produced computer images dialogue with each other. A cube with four projection surfaces and quadrophonic sound design, houses the three musicians/performers. This abstract location eliminates all direct links between the audience and the performers, drawing attention to the aural and visual work. The audience is invited to view and listen to the whole thing from different points of view. The term Exploring the room applies both to the performance, and to the audience’s quest.

Founded in 1995 as a meta-design laboratory, LAb[au] focuses on the implications of computer-based communication technologies in the design of structures, and from there explores their impact on architecture and urbanism.

Els Viaene was previously a guest at Netwerk with her very first live performance and later with Johan Hoogewijs. Together with Yves De Mey, Els Viaene hosts the radio programme Core Audio on FM Brussel. Peter Baert (Petersonic) made a strong record with Touch#6 last year, with influences from electronica and pop music.

Yves De Mey (Eavesdropper) makes sound installations and compositions for contemporary dance, theatre, DJ sets, film and performances. He also runs the low profile label Knobsounds.

27.01.2006 21:00