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F.S. Blumm Trio / Guido Möbius

F.S. Blumm Trio (DE, Morr Music)
F.S. Blumm is still Frank Schültge’s ever-congenial stage persona. Two years back, he already charmed with his typically thrown-together, introverted sound creations at Emphase Labelnight. Now he is back with his new album Summer Kling. Summer Kling was released on Morr Music, where F.S. Blumm redefines the German electronica label’s typical ‘morr’ sound. He wrote Summer Kling’s songs during his holidays to the south – for instance, in the slightly melancholic setting of a deserted campsite. In his home city of Berlin, he then invited several fellow musicians to his flat to accompany his guitar playing – immersed in a collective atmosphere of late-summer tristesse. His concert in Netwerk will be a sweet reminder of past holidays, ideal for getting through the bleak autumn. An evening of colourful living room folk, perfectly structured pop songs with jazzy influences and acoustic miniatures to dream away at.

Live, his music is performed by the F.S. Blumm Trio, with, in addition to F.S. Blumm, Wilm Thoben on clarinet and Andreas Otto on cello, who can also be heard on Summer Kling.


Guido Möbius (DE, Dekorder)
Also based in Berlin, multi-instrumentalist Guido Möbius delivered the splendid album Dishoek last autumn. In the dreary August, the warm sound of that record won the sympathy of many reviewers (including Wire, Gonzo). With a good groove as a starting point, Möbius moves between musical lightness and complexity, between minimal electronics and acoustic playing. Genre boundaries play no role for him, nor does academic seriousness. Live, he incorporates the minimal structure and patterns of the album Dishoek into a version with additional beats and noise: the original tracks will hardly be recognisable, he says. With guitar, voice, two loop machines and masses of effects, he delivers music that can be surprising, confusing, funny, soft or industrial at the same time.

Following aLOSTaSOULS soundsoundsystem. Dj sets by Kwinton and Lowdjo.

18.11.2006 20:30