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Glasvocht Labelnight

Ghent-based label Glasvocht releases an unconventional and unpredictable stew of soundscapes, electronica and experimental music. This year sees the release of a split LP with Mauro Pawlowsku and Harris Newman.

Höôr (BE)
is the duo Mauro Pawlowski (guitar) and Teun Verbruggen (drums), also known as drummers with Jef Neve and Flat Earth Society. Together, they are 2/3 of the trio Othin Spake. Together they play electric improvisation with a lot of jazz influences, but they also draw their mustard from rock, electronica and even a Flemish schlager they are not averse to.

Mauro Antonio Pawlowski
The devil-doer-al has just knitted a follow-up to his 2003 LP Secret Guitar and now has a split LP out on Glassvocht with Canadian fingerpicking guitarist Harris Newman. On record, he plays pure improvised solo guitar, with detuned guitars and crunching feedbacks, but as we know Mauro, live he always dares to come up with new surprises. As with Höôr or Othin Spake, Mauro also shows here that he has a weakness for improvisational music.

Jessica Bailiff (US)
made her debut with Even in Silence in 1998 on the infamous Kranky label (see Labradford, Low, Charalambides, Stars Of The Lid,…), recorded by Low’s Alan Sparhawk. She then released 3 more solo records and now has a CD on the Belgian Morc label. Meanwhile, she played in several projects such as Clear Horizon (with David Pearce of Flying Saucer Attack) and Northern Song Dynasty. Her atmospheric slow-folk is mostly based on acoustic guitar combined with drones and a beautiful voice.

Fieldings presents Untitled Places #4
Untitled Places is a creation of Wilfried Pulinckx. With camera (super 8 & digital) in hand, he takes shots of the most diverse landscapes. After all, where the eye travels, anything can become a landscape…. These images form the ‘pixels’ of his partly abstracted colourfield painting-related video installations. A kind of abstract painting brought to life, visual music too where the film medium is manipulated digitally and analogously for the sake of its texture, sensibility and poetic eloquence. The sensitive oscillation between still and moving image is carried by the live soundtrack presented by Fieldings, featuring musicians Yves Lambeens, Filip Gheysen and Jo Wetzels.

Kaboom Karavan (BE)
Bram Bosteels from Dendermonde is a photographer and curates exhibitions. Yet his greatest love is music. As Kaboom Karavan, he performs (with the help of friends) crackling but soothing psych-folk and electronica.
On his own net label Umor Records, he released the album Short Walk With Olaf.

28.09.2007 20:30