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7 Inch Cinema

Birmingham-based collective 7-inch Cinema takes the Network Café as part of ##Event#02:ACT:269## including short films, propaganda films, super-8 holiday movies and award-winning animated films. Expect unique live sets by ZX Spectrum Orchestra (Warm Circuit Records) and Micronormous (Matthew Eaton – Pram), original visual presentations and 3D adventures by Filmficciones and a mix of projections, musical interventions by the mothership 7inch Cinema.

MICRONORMOUS is the incarnation of versatile musician and producer Matthew Eaton (Pram). Together with Filmficciones, Eaton presents a selection of new material.

Brian Duffy (Modified Toy Orchestra) and Mike Johnston (Plone, Mike in Mono). Their music is meticulously created with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer. They recently started developing animation using the same technique. The first Spectrum album will be released this year on Warm Circuit Records.

FILMFICCIONES aka filmmaker/photographer Scott Johnston has been working with the band Pram for two years, which collaboration led to a tour of Turkey, Russia and Poland. Filmficciones and Pram were guests on Netwerk earlier this year.

Film and music by Ian Francis and Pip McKnight (Birmingham). 7inch does not intend to develop projects meant for cinema but focuses on creating a convivial atmosphere by combining home-made films and audiovisual performances. Expect short films, various projections and DJ sets.

04.06.2006 14:00