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Sun Araw / Gary War / U.S. Girls / Andrea Belfi

Sun Araw is the solo-universe of Magic Lantern’s psychonaut Cameron Stallones. He recycles the cosmics of Spacemen 3 and krautrock and combines them with stray worldly sounds to a sleepless trip that drags the listener into a dark tunnel, alongside exotic animals to the white light at the end. Expect psychedelic jams with dark dub, slow African funk, sweeping drones and sweaty tropical vibes.

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The trio Gary War comes from “a galaxy far far away.” They present psychedelic new wave, dipped in a bath full of feedback, effects and synthy vibes. Perfect fodder for Ariel Pink fans.

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Megan Remy of Philadelphia, real name for U.S. Girls, is known as the Brian Eno of the fifties … but from the 23rd century. The lo-fi chanteuse creates a unique universe of pop melodies by gluing them to crude reel-to-reel tape soundtracks. 2008 and 2009 entailed Introducing… and Go and Grey, two strong records on the Siltbreeze label that included covers of The Kinks and Bruce Springsteen.

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Andrea Belfi is a drummer and electro-acoustic musician, regarded as one of the top Italian underground figures. He surrounds his drums with synthesizers and electro-acoustic devices with which he creates minimal and understated gems.

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28.10.2010 20:30