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Tape / Tenniscoats / Ass

Tape (SE)
Swedish trio Tape uses field recordings, electronics, samples, guitar and all kinds of small instrumentation to create subtle playful folktronica consisting of wonderful sound sculptures and organic melodies, which occasionally seem to flirt with pop music. Tape was formed in 2000 by brothers Johan and Andreas Berthling together with Tomas Hallonsten. Their first record Opera came out in 2002, followed by Milieu in 2003, both released on the very fine Häpna label. For their third studio record Rideau, they teamed up with Pluramon’s Markus Schmickler, making their music sound more focused and dynamic. A fine record that featured in many end-of-year lists last year.

Tape crafts minimal tunes, walking the thin line between acoustic guitar playing, drone pieces of their melodica and bon tempi organs and computer-processed field recordings. Slow, peaceful and pastoral: Tape is simply beautiful music. Vital Weekly


Tenniscoats (JP)
Japan’s Tenniscoats consists of couple Saya (vocals and keyboards) and Takashi Ueno (guitar and saxophone). Together they make their own brilliant mix of pop, psychedelic folk and experimental music and are also members of the Maher Shala Hash Baz collective, featured in an episode of MTV’s This is our music. Live, they are joined by members of Tape, which makes for a very intense, almost meditative experience.
It’s nice to know that Efterklang absolutely love it, even going so far as to host Tenniscoats’ concerts in Denmark.


Ass (SE)
Ass, musician from Stockholm, is Andreas Söderström’s alter-ego. He plays with Jenny Wilson, Blood Music, Pallin and as an additional live musician with Tape. A mix of americana, electronica and a pinch of Tape.


14.10.2006 20:30