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The Leaf Label Night

Among fans of adventurous electronic music, The Leaf Label guarantees high-quality releases on the borderline between electronica and warm acoustic sounds. Two years ago, the London-based record label celebrated its tenth anniversary and in those years, with releases by Efterklang, Fourtet, Susumu Yokota, Hanne Hukkelberg, Psapp, Colleen, Murcof, Triosk… it has become one of the standard-bearers of contemporary innovative music. Following earlier passages by Colleen and Triosk in 2005, Netwerk is organising a The Leaf Label Night with Triosk, Murcof & Adrian Klumpes.

Triosk (AUS)
This quartet mixes piano, bass and drums with a battery of electronic effects to create a jazzy sound that is instantly recognisable. Laurence Pike (drums and percussion), Adrian Klumpes (piano, rodes, sampler) and Ben Waples (bass) evoke intoxicating sonic landscapes in which, in addition to the ghosts of Thelonious Monk and Art Blakey, Aphex Twin and Fennesz haunt. After their debut record Moment Returns, on The Headlight Serenade they amaze again with their inventiveness and enthusiasm.

Murcof (AUS)
With the album Remembranza, Mexican Fernando Corona has arrived at the third letter of his stage name. Whereas Martes and Utopia preceded this record in a very enjoyable combination of classical instruments with light click’n’cut electronics in a deep dub sauce, this time Murcof has gone entirely instrumental. This further emphasises the subtlety and fragility in the man’s compositions. Murcof stands for fairy-like, cinematic and dark sounds with ditto visuals.

Adrian Klumpes (MX)
Adrian Klumpes’ Be Still was recorded in a five-hour non-stop session with piano and microphone. Comparisons to minimal masters such as Phillip Glass, Michael Nyman and Brian Eno are not out of the blue, although Be Still is heavily processed with electronics – hence the tiny hairline cracks in the sound and the abrasive patches of glitch. Be Still is a melancholic, dreamy, hypnotic and timeless record.

30.03.2007 20:00