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Triosk / Dijf

Australian trio Triosk was formed with the objective of playing improvised jazz music in which electronics play an equally important role. Triosk is constantly looking for playful ways to combine the sound and especially the unity of legendary jazz trios with new compositional forms, minimalism and electronic music.
Impressed by Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records, an album by laptop artist Jan Jelinek on which click ‘n’ cuts were combined with samples from old jazz records, a meeting became inevitable. This led to the album Triosk Meets Jan Jelinek ‘1+3+1’, a superb fusion of jazz and electronica. Moment Returns has since been released on the British Leaf. The ten tracks on this record are beautifully refined, modest and innovative. With Triosk, the music wins over the technology, which is often different in this genre. Intense, emotional, vibrating electronic jazz.

Dijf is a Bruges-Antwerp electronic jack-of-all-trades who refuses to follow any trend and creates his own sounds. Somewhere between jazzy, indie and soft electronica. Dijf’s live vocal and electronica sets are reminiscent of Stijn’s. This summer, we can expect a new Dijf record on the Dutch Clone label.

23.04.2005 20:30