Bread Ritual ‘The Body of Desire’

Three days of kneading, connecting, and shaping bread with Annelien Vermeir

The sharing of food takes center stage as a wonderful way to connect, especially when it comes to housewarming gifts, with bread being a beloved choice. Annelien Vermeir, an artist and baker, will bake bread for Kitchen Stories with the help of our guests.

Annelien invites you to participate in the ritual of kneading intentions into the dough. This is followed by breaking, cutting, sharing, eating, and tasting the bread. Each step of the process encourages participants to be mindful of their actions and thoughts, leading to conversations about nourishment that go beyond just eating.

Additionally, participants are encouraged to add ingredients to the bread, such as herbs, olives for savory bread, or raisins, chocolate for sweet bread (perfect for a Sunday breakfast).

During Club Ritual, Annelien Vermeir will employ her bread ritual. The Kitchen Stories team, consisting of a diverse group of people all passionate about food, is invited to contribute with toppings and spreads, soup, or sweet and savory treats during the bread-making process. This way, we can offer our guests something to eat. Enjoy!

22.03.2024 19:00—20:30

23.03.2024 11:00—19:00

24.03.2024 10:00—14:00

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