Creatie van een Stuk

Opening event of the homage-exhibition Hugo Roelandt: Post(ume) Getuigenis for performance artist, Hugo Roelandt, in collaboration with New Reform Archive, with a reenactment of Hugo Roelandt’s 1978 performance, Creatie van een Stuk, and testimonials by Roger D’Hondt, Marc Holthof and Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven.

Performance artist, Maria Degrève and musicians, Kwinten Callens, David De Corte and Nikolaas Van Droogenbroeck, will present the reenactment.

Creatie van een Stuk
Hugo Roelandt, Herwig Bomon, Johan Bronder, Peter Bronder
March 24th, 1978, New Reform, Aalst

The small space of the New Reform Gallery is covered with black plastic. Within this set Hugo Roelandt places three tightly bundled light beams. These are directed upon musicians lying on the ground. The set is arranged so that the audience has to walk through the light beams. The musicians play two existing tracks and a free improvisation, each with a duration of 7-minutes. Every time an audience member moves about the space in a way that blocks a beam of light, the musicians do not play. Each participating spectator achieves his or her own harmony. The public, in fact, has the decisive power over the sound and thus creates a new musical piece. Hugo himself determines the time limit with a clock and sticky tape bound around and about the musicians. The residue remaining after the performance is visible as exhibition material.

een re-enactment van een performance van Hugo Roelandt uit 1978