Creating Europe. The Arts as Architect?

UTalk livestream 15:30 > 16:30

In the framework of the Creative Europe project, Understanding Territoriality, Netwerk is organising a one-day event that introduces the public to four activities developed in the configuration of the project: the solo exhibition Philip Metten, the residency course and the solo exhibition of Christian Nyampeta, the public relations program in collaboration with Babbelonië Aalst & Vormingplus, and the online broadcast discussion platform UTalk with Giusy Checola, Wouter Davidts, Philip Metten and Christian Nyampeta.

10:00 visit solo exhibition ##Philip Metten:Activity:1122##
open class Philip Metten with students Contemporary Sculpture from KASK Gent
13:00 audience development project presentation + open session Babbelonië conversation group
15:30 UTalk / a debate with Giusy Checola, Wouter Davidts, Philip Metten and Christian Nyampeta
17:00 opening solo exhibition ##Christian Nyampeta:Activity:1140##

The work of Belgian artist, Philip Metten, offers, within the boundary between sculpture, architecture and art in public space, a temporary reflection place to investigate potential contributions and roles of the artist and the art institute in innovative community models. With an implicitly striking Meta-level approach, the work shows the inseparable link between the autonomy of art and its social connectedness. Netwerk invited Philip Metten for a solo exhibition with a non-traditional presentation format, where the artistic premise entails a documentary approach to his work. This theoretical search for a new presentation formula, specific to the distinctive oeuvre evolution, fits perfectly with the artist’s research project at KASK /Hogent.

Christian Nyampeta participated in an online residency from December 2015 to April 2016, in anticipation for his solo exhibition in Netwerk. The text and image material for this exhibition came from a co-creation with artists, curators, authors and philosophers, along Nyapeta’s travel route, which included Greece, Italy and Rwanda. He will help to shape the structure of the UTalk. This debate takes place in his free-form radio station, which is the core of his exhibition and will be made public via online streaming.

The public relations program is completed by a social participatory process, which involves intensive cooperation with Babbelonië, an integration project of ODiCe, Vormingplus and the local council of Aalst. Babbelonië creates intercultural encounter groups where Dutch-speakers and other language speakers can meet informally. Local volunteers and others newly residing in Aalst are able to teach newcomers (migrants, asylum seekers, refugees) to speak more fluent Dutch. Netwerk invited two Belgium-based artists with non-European migration backgrounds to make an artist-plan that renders complex social issues negotiable. With issues such as the propped-far-above-the heads-of-the-people European Union, the gauging of each other’s perception of identity and raising the involvement of people with various origins in the democratic project, Creative Europe. Artist Sim Cha Chi will be present at the presentation of the first section.

Organized in the context of the European collaboration Understanding Territoriality
Identity, Place and Possession
, funded by the programm Creative Europe of the European Union.

+ opening solotentoonstelling Christian Nyampeta


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