Open atelier: Revamp Your Jeans, Sit-In Looms, Pom-pom factory

Come jazz up your favorite pair of jeans. Weave into a large landscape painting together. Decorate the new NW with colorful pom-poms, trims, and other embellishments.

The ‘Flojskesfabriek’ is the creative hub within Lokaal Dendy.
It is a place for tactile activities, with a focus on workshops with soft materials. Repetitive acts of working with fabric, thread and wool and other natural materials calm us down.
In doing so, we honour the past of our building, the passementerie, a former textile factory, where ‘flosjkes’ and other decorative textile products were made, among other things.

Passement is the collective term for decorative textile products such as ties, fringes, cords and galloons. Passement can be found in interiors and on military clothing, carriages, clothing and fashion, and on the costumes of the Aalstrian Gilles.

The open workshop was initiated by Charlotte Vandenborre (Den Berendries). Maaike Van den Abbeele (MaiMai) will also come to share her expertise in embroidery with us.

In the same space, the CAR PET project’s hand-knotted carpet is inaugurated and used.

23.03.2024 11:00—18:00

24.03.2024 10:00—18:00