Inauguration CAR – PET

Katinka de Jonge, Maaike Van den Abbeele, Adriana Barcenas, Elien Ronse, Zam Zadeh and many helping hands

A carpet was traveling through Aalst and its surroundings. Every time it landed somewhere, pieces were added by many hands of people from the neighborhood. They brought fabrics with a story, which we weaved into the carpet. Meanwhile, we talked about hospitality, what makes you feel welcome in a place? How do you welcome others?

Now CAR – PET has found its permanent place in NW Aalst, where it wants to be a warm place for meeting and gathering.

Anyone may ask if CAR – PET can be laid down on the ground, in order to host their own initiative. This could be a gathering for brainstorming on new ideas, or for learning an unfamiliar language, or to share food, music, crafts, or any other thing that is considered necessary, and for which this carpet can provide the space. Unproductivity, as in: doing nothing, reflecting or resting, is also explicitly part of the (in)activity that can take place on CAR – PET.

24.03.2024 13:00—15:00