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Katinka de Jonge

Katinka de Jonge (1989, NL) is an artistic researcher and maker who lives and works in Ghent (BE). In her work she explores ‘locality’, focusing on the complex relationships between design and everyday life, emphasizing on polyphony and the function of language and dialogue in specific contexts. This can be a neighbourhood, but also an (art) organization or a specific (oral) history surrounding a place. She works with different media, which are often approached in a participative way: audio, text, performance and (spatial) installations are recurring forms. The works try to break with the idea of the work of art as unique and explore the possibilities of ‘publishing’ in the broad sense – often work is done in editions, multiples, and series (see, for ex., ‘Dudas’, 2020; ‘About Us’ , 2022).

In recent years her work has been shown at and/or supported by (among others) M HKA, Netwerk Aalst, KAAP, Extra City, Werktank, ARIA en VIERNULVIER. She is currently a PhD researcher at Hasselt University and PXL, investigating the boundary between artwork and artis-run organization, in which the precarious socio-economic position of the artist is central. In the context of this project, an official organizational structure is set up that functions simultaneously as a work of art. The organization is a mobile platform that explores and tests different models of artistic (self-)organization through relationships and collaborations with artists and non-artists.

De Jonge has worked in various collaborations (including the artist-run organisation Sorry, as a duo with Liesje De Laet, Tina Cake Line) and has a broad interest in how a collective artistic practice is organized.

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What does hospitality mean? This question is central during Katinka de Jonge's residency, which builds upon the traditions of working with textiles.

Inauguration CAR – PET

Katinka de Jonge, Maaike Van den Abbeele, Adriana Barcenas, Elien Ronse, Zam Zadeh and many helping hands