Kunstendag voor Kinderen

On Sunday November 19, Netwerk Aalst organizes a series of workshops and guided tours for children in the framework of Kunstendag voor Kinderen

14:00 – 15:00 Ghislaine Leung – Your Words in My Mouth | My Voice on Your Tongue

Institutional Critique for children, Eds. Netwerk Aalst, for kids aged 3 to 8, accompanied by a parent or guardian

Your Words in My Mouth | My Voice on Your Tongue is long-term collaborative writing workshop by artist and writer Ghislaine Leung specially adapted over a series of sessions for Netwerk Aalst, this first of which will focus on working with children and parent/guardian groups. The Your Words in My Mouth | My Voice on Your Tongue series is transcriptive exercise in reading and writing in its most material and lived form, it is not about generating content as much as tuning into what is already present in the materials around you; your surroundings, how your body feels, your thoughts at that moment in time, the sounds you hear around you.

The workshop is free of charge but please register at info@netwerk-art.be

These Your Words in My Mouth | My Voice on Your Tongue workshops will form the base structure generating Leung’s two year project Violets at Netwerk Aalst from 2017- 2019.

15:00 – 17:00 Luanda Casella – The Unreliable Narrator

Workshop & guided tour, for kids aged 8 to 12

Suprise your parents and other visitors with stories about art works that might or might not be true. Writer and storyteller Luanda Casella will teach you secret techniques to tell stories in such a way that everyone believes they are true. As the children learn about the art works, they are being challenged to find new meanings for them.

From 16:30 on, everyone is welcome to join the guided tour with the children as our guides.

The workshop and guided tour are in Dutch. Free of charge but please register at info@netwerk-art.be.

The Unreliable Narrator is a project for which Netwerk Aalst invites artists to use their own artistic interests to develop an alternative guided tours through our exhibitions. We start the series with the Brazilian writer & storyteller Luanda Casella.

19.11.2017 14:00—17:00