Line up the cooks, read my lips, eat the triangle

Bureau d'Alimentation

Chrysanthi Koumianaki’s work comes alive during a three-course meal; art turned culinary excellence. During the meal, you’ll be part of an interactive performance. Chrysanthi collaborates with Athens-based chef Fahd Alexander Hassan-Kassem, who will compose a surprise three-course menu based on Chrysanthi’s drawings and instructions. Each dish on the menu corresponds to a visual element and requires a different consumption procedure, with varying levels of interaction.

Dining together in this way can be considered a form of communication; or, more precisely, a translation from visual language into a multi-sensory culinary experience. From the unconventional seating to the opportunity for the creative input of the diners, everything has to do with the idea that, even though all guests attend the same dinner, each of them will ultimately enjoy a unique, distinctive experience.

Practical information

Dinner starts at 7 PM

€ 25 euro buys you a three-course dinner with adapted drinks. Extra drinks are not included.

You will be part of the performance, so please be on time. It will not be possible to join once the dinner has started. We ask you to pay beforehand. You will receive all information upon inscription.

This event will be English-spoken.

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