Sunny Side Up 2017

The yearly Summer kick off ‘Sunny Side Up’ brings many activities including kids workshops, concerts and art on Saturday 17 June at Netwerk.


Summer bar – Cocktails & Good Vibes – ongoing 11 AM – 10 PM

Trojan Summer – promo – performance – ongoing 3 – 8 PM
Artist collective ‘Sorry’ offers edible multiples in combination with homemade Sorry-icecream.

Repair Café – ongoing 11 AM – 4:30 PM

A team of experienced repairers will help you repairing old things so you don’t need to throw them away!

No need to throw away broken things since the team of experienced repairers is waiting for you! After having subscribed upon arrival, meet one of the repairers will help your repairing your broken object. We strongly recommend you to bring already new parts whenever your know which one should be replaced.
Attention: subscriptions are possible until 3 PM

Dieudonnée – Kids workshop – ongoing 2 – 6 PM

Each participant will be encouraged to search for his/her own character within the landscape of playful sound sculptures.

Where: Oude Vismijn, in front of Netwerk
Whom: Children from 3 to 12 years old (But basically everyone can join)
Workshop is free without subscription.

Preview: Https://

Maderas – Kids workshop – ongoing 2 – 6 PM

A pile of wooden stacks, marked with a red line, will be the tools to build imaginary forms and objects. This simple material tackles children’s creativity and results in real artworks, with a little help from the team of Kamo vzw.

Where: Zomerbar, Netwerk
Whom: Children from 3 to 12 years old (but also sisters, brothers and parents are welcome!)
Workshop is free without subscription.

Workshop with Stella Chiweshe – 3 – 4 PM

Stella Rambisai Chiweshe is not only a performer, but also an educator. She offers workshops in different aspects of the art as a way to preserve culture. She offers workshops in traditional music, using instruments that play a pivotal role in the lives of the Shona people: Mbira (thumb piano), tribal drums, percussion and voice. The combination gives a sensational rhythm to this music. In Aalst she will focus on the voice as the first and foremost human instrument and present voice training accompanied by the traditional songs in her language Chizezuru. “Voice is the first instrument that almost everybody has, and can use freely. If one can talk she or he can sing as well” All instruments imitate the voice. Stella persuades and frees the inner voice. Once the inner voice is persuaded to come out, then it gives itself a direction!

Where: Netwerk
Free but subscribe at

Stella Chiweshe & The Polyversal Souls – Concert – 17u – 18u

Her Majesty – The Queen of Mbira music from Zimbabwe – like Stella Rambisai Chiweshe is affectionately called, is the first female artist who gained in prestige and has been honored with recognition in a music tradition that’s been dominated by men: in Mbira music – known as the backbone of Zimbabwean music.


The Polyversals Souls is the latest project of former Whitefield Brothers and Poets Of Rhythm-drummer Muggy Whitefield (né Max Weissenfeldt).The Polyversals Souls’ music is a melting pot spanning from Ethiopian melodies to West-African polyrhythms, from sweet whispers to relentless urban groove attacks: All in all their performance is a life-celebrating 21st-century soul ritual.


SONS OF MELODY (dj-set) – 6 – 10 PM


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