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Bert Danckaert

Simple Present

Bert Danckaert (b. 1965, Antwerp) is working on a doctorate in the arts. The research is reflected in two publications, one with pictures that act as protagonists and the other in the form of a novel. In Netwerk he presents to the public a presentation of his final thesis with a wide selection of photographic works and an installation with two new films. Since 2007, Danckaert has been working on the series “Simple Present”, a photographic research in a globalized context and in the (post-) photographic digital era, reflecting a strange resonance based on images from our familiar reality. From Beijing to Havana the photographer captures locations from everyday banality and composes them into balanced compositions, which through recognisable techniques associated with painting, are reduced to abstractions. Stripped of human activity and taken out of the context of the urban environment, the extensively contracted “careless space” shown in the images are loaded with a social undertone that trespasses the formal registration of an everyday scene: an attempt by the artist to grasp the majority of problems that manifests itself on a global scale.

Opening SA 07.12 2013 – 20:00

Krokuskriebels: interactive family activity
From 5 till 9 March