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Citoyenne Reprise

Jeremiah Day & collaborators

Dreams of civic life, false promises and maybe some true ones too.

Working within the ‘web of human relations’, as Hannah Arendt put it, the exhibition Citoyenne Reprise offers us landscapes and stories of public life and sense of place as revealed by Jeremiah Day’s collaborative, personal and improvisational approach.

At the centre of the exhibition is the title work – a collaboration with other artists to re-make a film that cannot be made public by Gilles Vandaele showing the occupation of the forest at Arlon. This occupation, bull-dozed in recent weeks, was a largely ignored attempt by young civic actors to defend public space and resources. Here it is taken as a point of departure for a sprawling, informal and mixed-media ‘jam session’, an artistic assembly formed in response to the eviction – but not destruction – of this Belgian citizen initiative. This work is set in relation to other events such as the documentation of Day’s 2019 discussion tour with civil rights veteran Joanne Bland from Alabama and the organisation Belgian Youth For Climate. Contemporary events are examined from both a philosophical and personal point of view, a perspective that is embodied in the lived experience of site, event, memory, trauma and redemption.

Collaborators: Luca Bertolo, Chicks On Speed, Pablo DeSoto, Bart de Kroon, Fred Dewey, Discoteca Flaming Star, Ken Ehrlich, Claire Filmon, Arianne Hoffman , Yuchen Li, Melisa E. Logan, Alisa Margolis, Jonas Marx, Anike Joyce Sadiq & André Mulzer, Gilles Vandaele, Mirte van den Bos, Arjan Van Helmond, Rezi van Lankveld, Jeremy Woodruff

Thanks to: Arcade, Joanne Bland, Sebastian Bodirsky, Centre d’art Le Lait (Albi), Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Koen Kievits, Antoine Marchand, M – Museum Leuven, Jonathan Ortegat, Youth for Climate


Thursday to sunday, 13h-18h.
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