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Gerard Herman


As though he were a contemporary Dr Livingstone, fascinated by humans and nature, Gerard Herman (b. 1989) explores the landscape in and around Aalst for few months time. In his own unadulterated style, he makes a nature study of this peculiar metropolis and its unique identity. With a candid perspective he goes on an exploration along the banks of the Dender, over the Bolleweg and deep into the raw territories of the Osbroekpark.

The artist’s success in this case lends itself external factors. Local, impassioned spirits lead him gradually further in tow to unexpected places and peculiar discoveries. From various findings, sketches, chance-meetings and filmed scenes, a series of new works grow in various media and variable formats. Installations, performances, drawings and compositions with self-made instruments link together in a dynamic exhibition event. Focal point and consistency form the unbridled power of imagination of this diligent and versatile artist.

The exhibition has been realized in collaboration with: Bart Backaert, Yann Bronder, Simon Delobel, Jacquy De Pauw, Stijn Grupping and Jan Louies.

Opening SA 13.09.2014 20:00


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