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Karel Breugelmans

Constructies 1990 - 2015

Opening + publication presentation 03.10.2015 20:00.

This exhibition will be designed following the realisation and publication of the monographic publication KAREL BREUGELMANS, CONSTRUCTIES 1990-2015; looking back on the past twenty years the artist’s work. A combination of new and existing work will provide a clear insight into the imagery of an artist, whose coherent and steadfast work is developed at the interface between architecture, art, manual labour and utopia.

Publication with texts by:
– Bart De Baere, Director M HKA, Antwerp, foreword
– Luk Lambrecht, art critic and curator Museum Culture Strombeek/Ghent
– Christoph Tannert, director Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
Graphic design: Gestalte
With the support of gallery Transit, Netwerk and the Flemish Community.

“It is indeed remarkable that a coherent body of work arises from the non-art world affiliated activity of a regular working artist who thus immediately retained, expanded and secured his artistic autonomy. Bridging the hard, concrete labour in a contracting company with free-associative drifting towards art and utopia is more than a useful intermediate position, which in case of Charles Breugelmans delivers art that navigates in the formal channel of modernism.” (Luk Lambrecht)

Meanwhile, Galerie Transit shows the work Constructie XXIV, from 11.10 till 15.11.2015 at the Zandpoortvest in Mechelen, with an opening on SU 11.10.2015 at 15:00. For the occasion, the gallery offers a limited series of watercolours and drawings by the artist at an exceptional price.
































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