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Love among the artists

Love Among the Artists is part of Occupie Paradit, an exhibition where artists Alex Cecchetti and Laure Prouvost transform the space of Netwerk Aalst into an immersive multivocal installation. For Love Among the Artists, Prouvost invites a number of artists – including Brook Andrew, Sam Belinfante, Liesel Burisch, Audrey Cottin, Vianney Fivel, Alexis Gautier, Maud Gyssels, Hadassa Ngamba, Otobong Nkanga, Pia Östlund, Alex Reynolds and Jonas Staal – to inhabit and respond to the imagined paradise. In this way – and with a smattering of humour – the peculiar position artists are considered to play within society is questioned. Love Among the Artists takes its title from the book of the same name by George Bernhard Shaw, which serves as a point of departure.

I had a notion of illustrating the difference between
that enthusiasm for the fine arts which people gather from reading about them,
and the genuine artistic faculty which cannot help creating interpreting,
or at least unaffectedly enjoying music and pictures.
(G. B. Shaw)

Shaws book questions – with a sense of humor – the role artists can play within society. Of course this society has changed dramatically since 1881 the time he wrote the book. The changes of the last few months only form a slight hint at what is to come. So we thought it might be the time to use our bodies to think and feel this question together. Since we can´t meet in real time lets meet and exchange over this project! The exhibition Occupie Paradit by Cecchetti and Prouvost forms the landscape where we come together to meet, discuss and plot. A place where time doesn’t exist but where cosmos and earthly issues fuse.

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