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Kelly Schacht / Yves Vanpevenaege

Within the conceptual format of the previous group exhibition, ##Diffractions of Destroyed Design:Activity:919##, artist Kelly Schacht unfolded the space into a sculpture. Following the recent acquisition of several works by the artist Yves Vanpevenaege, which were featured in his solo exhibition, De geschilderde kamer in 1995, the idea arose to perpetuate the idea of the Netwerk Museum in its current form and to invite a dialogue between the two artists as an integrated presentation formula. Both have a connection with Netwerk through various exhibition projects over two generations. There are clues to be found in the individual presentation practices and the emotional and intellectual approach they each entail, resulting in both a fresh reinterpretation of the painted room as a new spatial and reflective movement in the pliable sculpture.

Netwerk Museum
As an arts centre Netwerk has no collective function. Nevertheless, during the past 25-years it has acquired a considerable number of works of art in the wake of exhibitions and collaborations with artists. These works, taken together, constitute no set or collection that has been assembled with a particular vision in mind, nor is any particular arrangement for completeness pursued. The works that find themselves permanent residents of Netwerk can rather be interpreted as a steadily growing “constellation “ of pieces that organically make up a tangible part of the memory and identity that has come to define Netwerk.

Right from the first Netwerk exhibitions in the late 1980’s, it has been the intention of the artistic program, when and where it may be relevant, to allow remnants of previous presentations to occupy a place the context of a new exhibition cycle. The works may relate to other works, to temporary interventions or to the theme of a new presentation. This practice has been a constant in the exhibition program over the years. Both the physical constellation of works as well as the varying presentations and the “mental space “ in which they relate to the artistic effect, are placed under the overstated heading, the Netwerk Museum.

In 2010, in conjunction with an exhibition (series), a physical space was constructed in the first floor corridor for the presentation of works from the Netwerk Museum. The presentation box was completed with flexibility in mind and has undergone some changes.

Opening SA 07.12 2013 – 20:00

Krokuskriebels: interactive family activity
From 5 till 9 March


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