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Paviljoen, the brand-new TV programme of Netwerk Aalst, reports on the activities of the house and its renovations this year, during prime time on Denderland TV. So, if you want to take a look behind the scenes, capture the atmosphere or catch a glimpse of the activities, this is the place to be to learn more about the artistic ins and outs of the Dender region. An arts centre is in fact much more than it seems at first sight. Stay tuned!

Paviljoen also gets a physical location: at Denderland Shopping, the artistic shopping centre in Geraardsbergen, we literally unwind our laundry line of activities. Paviljoen finds its home there next to numerous other new branches such as Kartonnen Dozen by Herwig Deweerdt, Lisa Schelkens’ Funeral Home (with custom-made urns and coffins), De Onzichtbare Hand by Jeff Swinnen and Nina Troosters, the HIT BOX karaoke bar by Arne De Winde and the animal shop PetWhat? By Estelle Saignes Tilbury.

The decor of Paviljoen is designed with beautiful garments made by Maaike Van den Abbeele and with wonderful and practical tufted vases made by Lore Bauwens. On top of that, Claire Stragier makes not only us humans feel at home, but also our friends, birds.

Paviljoen is part of a structural cooperation between Netwerk Aalst and Denderland TV. Together, we provide a broad support network of creative minds throughout the Dender region.

On 11 and 12 June, Denderland Shopping, your artistic shopping centre in Geraardsbergen, will be open again!

Stay tuned for our fortnightly programme at 18h10 on Sunday: Paviljoen. And it will be broadcasted on the national channel Eclipstv:

Telenet: channel 51
Proximus: channel 90
TV-Vlaanderen: channel 28
Orange TV: channel 39
(replay: Monday at 13h05)