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An institutional identity is never stable and must continuously be redesigned and activated through its programming.

Remainders is a series of site-specific interventions, performances and workshops as part of a substantive reflection on the future of Netwerk. They further act as a series of conceptual exercises that test the mental and material potential of the Netwerk building.

Remainders may entail a ‘re-staging’ of an art work, a performance or event; a ‘retake’ of a spatial intervention. It may consequently reveal hidden historical functional features of the building or set a precedent for new spatial functions within Netwerk. It might entail a ‘conversation piece’ with the Netwerk archive or a ‘mapping’ of the historical mobility of works of art or artists Netwerk has supported in the past.

Remainders does not manifest itself as a classical exhibition, but as an accumulative process of smaller interventions and workshops that infiltrate the entire exhibition program. Only at the end do these interventions show themselves in their totality, when the institutional transition – to which they are attached through a process of accumulation, reduction and assimilation – finds closure. Remainders thus not only gives this institutional exercise a public component, but generates space to think through these questions from an artistic point of view.

Remainders wants to aid in finding the right set of tools to translate this institutional identity, to realise it spatially, to position it in the past and future and to rehearse this actualisation process together with artists and audiences.

This exercise is an obsessive quest for an authentic image of Netwerk as a cultural institution today.

As part of Remainders, the artistic team of Netwerk organized an intensive critical practice workshop from the 21st to the 24th of February 2017 for the MA students in Fine Art of LUCA, School of Arts, Brussels. They are now preparing interventions.

With Dora Benyo / Marjolein Guldentops / Laura Herman / Pedro Huet Cochofel / Anestis Ioannou / Rokko Miyoshi / Angyvir Padilla / Yoel Pytowski / Frederic Rummens / Edgar Schmitz / Renaat Van Hove / Lien Van Ranst / Andros Zins-Browne / Roos Zuidervaart / Team Netwerk.