Past Lives

Celine Song

Starring Greta Lee, Teo Yoo, John Magaro
USA – 2023 – DCP – 106′
Spoken in English and Korean, subtitled in Dutch
The film begins at 8:00 PM

In Celine Song’s semi-autobiographical and award-winning directorial debut, “Past Lives,” Naomi reconnects with her childhood sweetheart Hae Sung after twelve years of silence. Naomi, studying in New York, is contacted by Hae Sung online. They fantasize about reuniting, but distance causes the connection to fade once more. Twelve years later, Naomi is married, and during a pivotal week, she reunites with her childhood love when he visits her in New York.

It’s a confrontation with fate, love, and the choices that shape a life.

16.04.2024, 20:00

24.04.2024, 20:00