Bas Devos

Starring Stefan Gota, Liyo Gong, Cédric Luvuezo
BE – 2022 – DCP – 82′
French, Romanian and Mandarin spoken, Dutch subtitles
The film starts at 20h00 in the presence of director Bas Devos

One of the most talked-about films “from here” this spring is undoubtedly Here, with which Devos won the Encounters competition in Berlin.

Stefan is a mild-mannered construction worker in Brussels about to leave for his homeland of Romania. During his walks and farewell visits to friends and family, he meets Shuxiu, a young Belgian-Chinese woman devoting her doctoral studies to mosses. Her insights about and interest in the barely visible intrigue Stefan and focus his gaze even more on the treasures that constantly surround us, whether they are shared with those around us or simply growing beneath our feet.

It is a film that from a personal perspective, touches on the big stories with attention to the beauty of the everyday, the now, here, and the power of connection.

30.04.2024, 20:00