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Rosas danst Rosas, in the presence of the maker

Thierry De Mey, Anne Theresa De Keersmaeker

Starring Cynthia Loemy, Sarah Ludi, Anne Mousselet, Samantha van Wissen
BE – 1997 – DCP – 57’
No dialogue
The film with introduction starts at 8:00 PM.

In 1983, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker gained international recognition with “Rosas danst Rosas,” a performance that has since become a landmark in the history of postmodern dance.

Thierry de Mey’s 1997 film offers a cinematic interpretation of this groundbreaking work. The filming took place in Leuven at the former Technical School, designed by architect Henry van de Velde.

Through sharp rhythmic editing, a surprisingly visual dynamism emerges that complements the choreography perfectly. All the dancers who performed in “Rosas danst Rosas” were invited to participate in the film.

The film powerfully captures the underlying energy and feminist nature of the work, while its aesthetic appeals to a wide audience.

05.04.2024, 20:00