Film Focus


four film programmes in one day, compiled by Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca

With a background in both journalism and art, Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca have formed a duo since 2013. Their first film, Faz Que Vai (set to go – 2015), plays a central role in the current exhibition Ritual in Transfigured Time and marks the beginning of a rich and diverse body of work that showcases the values of folk culture in the broadest sense of the word, and its potential to unite, empower, and stimulate social change.

On Saturday, May 25, we will host Wagner & de Burca for a film focus programme. This marks the premiere of a retrospective presentation of the duo in Belgium known for their representation of the Brazilian pavilion with Swinguerra at the Venice Biennale in 2019. 

Through four programmes, they place their iconic work alongside that of Berenice Mendes and Lu Rufalco, Bob Quinn, Aloysio Raulino, and Bram Van Splunteren.

Bram Van Splunteren will also come to Aalst to screen his acclaimed hip-hop documentary Big Fun In The Big Town (1986), which he co-created with Marcel Vanthilt. The film was voted one of the 10 most iconic music documentaries ever made by readers of The Guardian, highly praised by The New York Times, and awarded four stars by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Finally, there will be a new edition of Kitchen Stories, a programme dedicated to the NW kitchen and its communal spirit, involving numerous artists, volunteers, and organisations. The evening will be concluded with hip-hop tunes by local heroes Ārusuto and Foresight.


  • Day pass for all 4 film programmes + 3 exhibitions, including food: 20 euros
  • Single ticket per film programme: 7.50 euros
  • Food: 8 euros

Voices of the Land

Programme 1: about the struggle to preserve nature, land & culture

Abyssal Sea

Programme 2: European and Other, reversing the power dynamics of who tells the story and who must listen


Programme 3: 'Swingueira' x ‘Guerra’, or how the one can sometimes be the other simultaneously...


Part 4: Rhythm, spoken word, dance & hiphop, in the presence of Bram Van Splunteren