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Kitchen Stories

Cooking and eating as connection, ritual, and dialogue

During the renovation of NW, the emphasis was on creating a central space for cooking. The open kitchen is a shared space, linked to everything happening in the building and the community in and around NW. The open kitchen brings people together, each with their own story. 

In our open kitchen, cooking is a thoughtful and deliberate process, extending beyond mere food preparation.The open kitchen is also a space and opportunity to talk about what precedes that shared meal: the origin of ingredients, the stories behind recipes, the traditions of eating together, the rituals associated with cooking, the pleasure of a shared meal, but also the (precarious) relationship to the land, harvest and biodiversity, and the political aspects of food production, from animal rights to the impact of conflict on local ecosystems.

With Kitchen Stories, we introduce various individuals and initiatives at the stove and in conversation. Kitchen Stories is a programme dedicated to the NW kitchen and its communal spirit, involving numerous artists, volunteers, and organisations including Annelien Vermeir, DiversPlus & Diva’s, Adriana Barcenas & Friends, Mama Bolingo & Friends, Smuljungle, ProVeg, and Refu-Interim. We exclusively work with vegetarian products that are seasonal locally sourced and thanks to organic farm De Loods and CSA De Hoezekouter.

You can always join us for soup and bread or a sandwich at a fair price. The proceeds contribute to the functioning of Kitchen Stories. All contributors are eager to continue the story of Kitchen Stories. This way, you can participate in workshops and enjoy homemade treats!

Kitchen Stories

Bijoux Cailloux



Kitchen Stories

Swinguerra Edition

Bread Ritual ‘The Body of Desire’

Three days of kneading, connecting, and shaping bread with Annelien Vermeir

Tasting of Our Home-Made Samanoo

a dessert reflecting renewal, growth, and spring