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Fernando Marques Penteado

Fernando Marques Penteado (b. 1955, São Paulo, Brazil) lives and works in Brussels. The practice of Fernando Marques Penteado (aka f.marquespenteado) is supported by a very well defined method that involves long processes and specific techniques that are tenaciously operated. The artist has a work trajectory specially marked by embroidery, which ends up linking clothing accessories, books and found objects. And for an aesthetic choice, it combines autobiographical and historical matter in the link of inventive literary creations.Starting with in-depth research on the contribution of the textile universe to visual culture and the diffusion of knowledge, the artist elaborates narratives permeated by his own personal vocabulary, whose profoundness is articulated by playful undertones that constantly negotiate the meaning of things. In representations sewn by Fernando Marques Penteado, we are faced with common human relations and historical and semantic displacements. It is within these that topics such as sexuality, homoeroticism, gender and violence are considered from a perspective that articulates, in a very particular way, social critiques from domestic environments. 


Fernando Marques Penteado in Aalst

The artist in dialogue with the legend of Saint Martin, the beggar, and the cloak