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Agnieszka Gratza

Born in Kraków, Poland, Agnieszka Gratza is a writer and drifter. Her critical essays and writings about art, performance and film have featured in various contemporary art magazines, journals and newspapers, including, frieze, ArtReview, Flash Art, Mousse, Metropolis M, PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art, Sight & Sound, the Financial Times, the Guardian, and The Observer.

Gratza’s more creative writing often stems from live art and performance. In the context of various writing residencies, she has experimented with dream recall, mailer art and sustained attention exercises, hosted reading salons, made edible artworks and explored swimming as a species of meditation and an aesthetic pursuit.

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(Photo: Mauricio Limon)

The Astronaut Metaphor

Politics, aesthetics and the human


Residency Agnieszka Gratza

8 – 26 February 2020

Cosma’s Chronicle

Article HART magazine