Residency Agnieszka Gratza

8 – 26 February 2020

Writer Agnieszka Gratza seeks opportunities to actively engage with other artists’ work and to immerse herself in a given context. Gratza has been invited to take part in the programme The bodies. She will begin with a residency at Netwerk Aalst in February, timed to coincide with Alex Cecchetti and Laure Prouvost’s exhibition Occupie Paradit, and ending with the famed Aalst Carnaval – an opportunity to get to know the city at its most extreme.

What is an art writer’s practice and what are their needs? Where does writing for a purpose meet a creative practice? Are the two at odds with each other? Aside from contributing to art magazines and other publication outlets, what other means of distributing and circulation can be imagined for writing? These are some of the questions Gratza will address during her residency period at Netwerk Aalst.