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gerlach en koop

Gerlach en koop is a collective of two artists from The Netherlands who gave up the habit of writing their proper name with capital letters eleven years ago, in order to be able to dissapear as individual artists into one collective artist. In the beginning of the collaboration their work was shown mostly in The Netherlands but that has tilted in Belgium in recent years, and turned towards the abroad. gerlach en koop live and work in The Hague and are represented by Ellen de Bruijne Projects from Amsterdam.

The works of gerlach en koop are characterized by elegance and mystery. Their interventions, executed upon existing and familiar objects and sometimes upon or in the space itself, are nevertheless easy to follow.
A lot of attention is directed towards the potential of the objects to transmit meaning, by revealing, for instance in their titles and descriptions, too much information, or rather too little.
By focussing, with concentration and a certain tenacity, on the ordinary and the obvious and not on the exceptional, they show how incomprehensible and unparalleled our dailly surroundings can be, like the repetative breathing against the same wall each time by someone else.