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Laure Prouvost

Language – in its broadest sense – permeates the video, sound, installation and performance work of French multi-media artist Laure Prouvost. Known for her immersive and mixed-media installations that combine film and installation in humorous and idiosyncratic ways, Prouvost’s work addresses miscommunication and things getting lost in translation.

Playing with language as a tool for the imagination, Prouvost is interested in confounding linear narratives and expected associations among words, images and meaning. She combines existing and imagined personal memories with artistic and literary references to create complex film installations that twist fiction and reality.

At once seductive and jarring, her unique approach to filmmaking employs layered storytelling, quick cuts, montage and wordplay and is composed of a rich, almost tactile assortment of pictures, sounds, spoken and written phrases. The films are most often nestled into carefully constructed environments filled with a dizzying assortment of found objects, from sculptures, painting and drawings to signs, furniture and architectural assemblages, that are connected to the overarching narrative yet act like relics.

Laure Prouvost received her BFA from Central St Martins, London and studied towards her MFA at Goldsmiths College, London.

Solo exhibitions include: AM-BIG-YOU-US LEGSICON, M HKA – Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, Belgium (2019) Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2018); The Bass Museum, Miami (2018); They Are Waiting for You, Performance for stage at the McGuire Theatre, Minneapolis (2018); SALT Galata, Istanbul (2017); Kunstmuseum Luzern (2016); Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan (2016); Museum Für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt (2016); Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing (2016); Haus Der Kunst, Munich (2015); New Museum, New York (2014); Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City (2014); Max Mara Art Prize for Women, Whitechapel Gallery, London and Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia (2013); and The Hepworth Wakefield (2012).



Occupie Paradit

Alex Cecchetti and Laure Prouvost