An Urgent Embrace

Globe Aroma

Globe Aroma is an Open Arts House for newcomers, refugees and asylum seekers. Everyone is welcome at Globe Aroma, a place where art and culture are central, where everybody can meet people and feel at home.

Globe Aroma offers space, time, creative support and a network to artists, creatives and culture lovers. The Open Arts House is a low-threshold artistic sanctuary where dialogue, collaboration, networking, creation and cultural experience are central.

AN URGENT EMBRACE: Essential care for a loving community

The Globe Aroma community has been hit hard by the global pandemic. Many artists, art lovers and creatives in our network face intense financial consequences from Covid-19 tearing through our society. That is why, in collaboration with SOS Relief, we are creating a peer-to-peer donation tool specifically for the Globe Aroma community: An Urgent Embrace.

An Urgent Embrace exists to support people from the Globe Aroma community. A community that lives on the intersection of precariousness because of their work as artists and other uncertainties connected to possible asylum procedures.
An Urgent Embrace is entirely based on person-to-person solidarity, which means that if you decide to give financial support, you will do this directly to the person we connect you with. In other words: you do not support Globe Aroma financially as an organization, but you support a person in need from our community. Globe Aroma is only creating the connection between these people, the giver and receiver.

To give money, you have to fill in a form, for us to be able to match you up with a person in need. Please understand that you will only get the information that you need to transfer your gift. The platform that we have set up is based on trust and solidarity. We do not disclose the motivation of the receiver’s application or how this person is active within our network. But you can read all the testimonies of the recievers and givers here.