Art on Prescription

Lisa Vlaemminck explores how art and mental health interact

Nothing is more therapeutic than art and creativity. The Art on Prescription project seeks to harness the municipal art collections of the Denderland region as a healing tool in care. Artist Lisa Vlaemminck delves into the collection and sets off on a creative journey with the team at the psychiatric centre Ariadne.

The municipal visual art collections of the Denderland region are inventoried and form the starting point for Art on Prescription. Together with the project partners, works are selected that can be considered for exhibition in the Ariadne psychiatric centre or provide inspiration for new creation. Each from their own experience, the project partners select works in which products and project work will be created through therapeutic objectives. Central to this is the breaking of stigma around psychiatric care. We bring these products as well as the work itself to the regional public, but also to the care recipient, a target group that does not always have much access to cultural participation.

With this project, we bring the artworks from the Dender collection into the workings of the psychiatric centre and work with care recipients in a participative and therapeutic manner, at the intersection of art & culture, heritage and care. Artist Lisa Vlaemminck was invited by NW to start working with the collection and follow a trail from her own artistic practice and together with Ariadne’s caregivers to create new work.

Partners: Erfgoedcel Denderland. Psychiatric Centre Ariadne Lede, NW.  The Art on Prescription project was submitted by Erfgoedcel Denderland together with PC Ariadne Lede and Kunstencentrum Netwerk Aalst for supra-local cultural funding. The application was supported by KADOC (Leuven) and Museum Dr Guislain (Ghent).